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Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is a source of knowledge

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Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is a recognized leader in the world, a source of quality education, a place of deep knowledge and moral education that trains qualified personnel. Today, the university makes every effort to create the necessary conditions for the full development of the student, self-improvement, creates ample opportunities for student self-government, the development of leadership skills. All the conditions were created to go to the mountains to meet the demands of about twenty-seven thousand applicants gathered under the native nest. Of course, this is a wonderful world, but most importantly, the Student Palace, where many children soar on the wings of an eagle, a private museum with a long history, a modern Internet center for three hundred people - all help students to become full citizens.

There are all conditions for sports (sports complex of the KazNU campus, Student Sports Club, various sections, health groups, Balandin Swimming Center, tennis center). Sports festival of employees and students are held regularly and their participation in city competitions is provided.

Of course, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is always at the forefront of large-scale events. In particular, "Enlighten the environment", "Book 100", "Green Campus" and "Health is the basis of life" initiated by our rector Galymkhair Mutanov. In this regard, at the faculty level, i.e. at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, we held a festive event "Do Good and It Will Definitely Return to You." Students took an active part in this event and took part in an interesting festive event. During the open lesson, songs and tunes were sung, a variety of performances were staged, students warmly wished each other and warmed their hearts.

In connection with these initiatives, we are making our Green Campus, a smart green city within the city. The reason is that our university has almost everything that students need.

In addition, KazNU students must read 100 books. This project was presented to young people and the public in early 2012. He put on the agenda to encourage young people to read books in order to form a specialist with a deep knowledge of the history, culture and spiritual values of his country, high potential, high culture, open-mindedness. The purpose of the project is to make students feel that it is their civic duty to read 100 books at KazNU. This will be an advantage that sets it apart from other universities. This is a spiritual, big project. Given that every university is proud of its graduates, the staff trained by the KazNU will be a strong specialist if they are inspired by the spiritual world.

Teachers of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University 

Zhusanbayeva A.T., Tileubay G.K.