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It is a great honor to be a student of KazNU

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Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is always at the forefront of large-scale events. In particular, the innovative projects initiated by our Rector Galymkair Mutanov are "Enlighten the environment", "Book 100", "Green Campus" and "Health is the basis of life."

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University launched the project "Enlighten the environment" in the spring of 2008 to promote moral, ethical and human values. In his speech, the rector said: "Every human being should contribute to the environment, we should take care of everything around us, wherever we are." Within the framework of this project, several events are held at the University. During the event, students from each faculty provided social and humanitarian assistance and visited the orphanage. It has become a useful habit for students of each faculty to visit orphanages and nursing homes every month, to provide assistance and to organize festive events.

The project "Health - the basis of life" is also recognized at the university with special events. Students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics held a friendly volleyball competition within the project. The teaching staff of KazNU supported the project in a bicycle race. The event was attended by teachers, students, undergraduates and doctoral students. Advisors of each faculty conducted educational classes on "Health - the basis of life." In addition, teachers of KazNU were active in the Winter Games.

The life of university students is interesting and diverse. It is not limited to participation in lectures and seminars. They take an active part in theater studios and poetry clubs, fun and resourceful competitions, which nurture creative energy and youthful talent. In addition, many organizations and clubs, including Sunkar, Maslikhat, Komek, Zhas Otan, Student Council, etc.

KazNU has cooperation agreements with more than 400 foreign universities. On this basis, the experience of two people supervising undergraduates and doctoral students is widespread. One supervisor is from Kazakhstan and the other is a well-known scientist from a foreign university. All this opens a worthy way for KazNU students to study and conduct research at the international level.

Becoming a student of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, full of such opportunities, is a dream, a great happiness, a great honor. Therefore, it is a great honor and pride for students!

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

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